今月から地元のストリート・CLUBシーンを盛り上げるべく立ち上げられた「MAKE IT」。
その栄えある第1回の会場にRobbin’s Nestを選んで頂きました。
このような素晴らしい志が感じられるイベントが末長く続くことを祈りつつ、記念すべき第1回目の会場Robbin’s Nest、気合い入れていい仕事させてもらいます!
※本日のCOEDOビール樽生/ フローティングユニバース-ユニオンセッションIPA-
※次回Beatles Tribute Event/2019/6月22日(土)
Tomorrow, 19th(Wed) we have a participation type event even though it’s a week day!
The event 「MAKE IT」has set up to liven up the Street, Club culture in this town.
We are very honored to be elected as the first venue for MAKE IT!
Our regular open mic is being held once every 3 month but this one is a bit different.
Normal open mic has many acoustic, folk, rock singers with their guitar but MAKE IT features rap, dance and DJs more than that!
The ways to express are now varied than long ago like recording at home and contribute it to youtube or something.
BUT! LIVE style, to perform in front of audiences is the best way I believe!
I know you get really nervous when you play on the stage at the very first time but the organizer and us, both of them hope that this kind of events help them out and become one of the reasons you start a new thing!
OK, the first venue of this event will do our best to help MAKE IT great night!
Open at 6 PM, anyone can enter with 1 drink order!
※Today’s COEDO beer on tap/ Floating Universe-Union Session IPA-
※Next Open Mic/2019/September
※Next Beatles Tribute Event/2019/6/22(Sat)