Hirosaki Highlights

hirosaki2The first thing any visitor to Hirosaki should see is, of course, the castle. In its beautiful, expansive grounds and surroundings, you’ll find architecture hearkening back to the days of the samurai–a thrill simply to walk around and explore.

By the northeast corner of the castle park, you’ll find Neputa Village (Neputa-mura), a compact semi-museum dedicated to the floats and tradition of August’s weeklong Neputa festival. On the southern end of the park, near City Hall, the Fujita Memorial Gardens (closed late November through mid-April) showcase a beautiful Japanese landscape garden, as well as a tearoom from the Taisho era in the early 20th century and a small archeology museum.

A few minutes’ walk south of the temple, the Zenringai district houses a cluster of Zen Buddhist temples; to the east, near Hirosaki High School, the Shin-Teramachi area houses slightly more recent Nichiren Buddhist temples. Just slightly further east, and visible from a good ways around, is the five-storied pagoda at Saisho-in Monastery, completed in 1667.

Beautiful and imposing, Mt. Iwaki is a half hour or so by car or bus outside of central Hirosaki to the west. It houses a few ski slopes (such as Naqua Shirakami or Hyakuzawa) for the winter, and the Iwakiyama Shrine at its southern base is well worth a trip.

If you’re all done sightseeing for the day, downtown Hirosaki is full of places to eat, shop, and relax. A spacious brick path, with fountains and benches in warm weather and colorful lights in the winter, reaches from the lively station-front (ekimae) area up toward Dotemachi street, which is full of cafes and small shops, all with their own personality. Close by, the Kajimachi district–easily findable by the Asahi Bowl building and its massive bowling pin top–offers a range of bars, restaurants and small clubs that come alive at night. 

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